Better than life

Pastel Artist – January/February 2002

Total realism is Allan Berman’s favorite form of expression. Discover how he uses pastel pencils to put the finishing touches on his life-like still lifes.

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pastel artist allan berman
pastel artist allan berman
pastel artist allan berman
pastel artist allan berman
pastel artist allan berman

A Long Path to the Big Splash

InformArt Winter 2001

“In some people’s view, still life artist Allan Berman is an overnight success. It was just two years ago he began to follow his long-held dream of being a full-time artist, and, during that very first year, began gathering awards, such as the Pastel Society of America’s much sought-after Signature Status.

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InformArt magazine
InformArt magazine

You can do it all

Gateway Press – November 22, 1999

What does the owner and chief executive officer of a multimillion dollar business do when he retires? He moves to Penn Valley and becomes one of the greatest pastel artists in the United States. And in his spare time, he does a hot Elvis impersonation.

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My mentor Roberto Lupetti (1918-1997)

In 1997 my mentor, Roberto Lupetti, passed away, the same year my father and one of my best friends died. That was the year I decided to sell my business and move up to Nevada County an be a full-time artist. The photo below show me and Roberto at my first lesson in painting portraits at Roberto’s studio in Carmel, California.

roberto lupetti

An Elvis impersonation for Clinton’s 50th birthday party

I was hired to perform as Elvis for President Clinton’s 50th birthday celebration that was broadcast live via satellite from Lincoln Center. I was only supposed to sing Happy Birthday, but at the last minute the comedian who was supposed to precede me became ill and I was asked to perform three songs to fill the time. I was so nervous I didn’t have to shake. There was a “whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on” without having to try.


Thank you letter from Orion Pictures

I was commission by Eugene Tunick, Executive Vice President of Orion Pictures Corporation to paint a pastel painting of Sylvester Stallone from the film “First Blood.” Because of this painting my wife and I got invited to the Academy Awards. It was such a thrill to walk down the red carpet behind Gandhi. I was honored to get this letter from Eugene, complimenting my work.

orion pictures